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Anal, or rectal, bleeding describes the passage of blood that is passed through your rectum. In the event of bleeding from the anus, it is thought to be fluid that is present in your bowel or rectum, despite the fact that the rectum makes up the lower portion of the large intestine. This type of bleeding is usually red-colored and could often show up as a dark wine tone. It can appear in the bowel movement, after you wipe with toilet paper, or in the toilet bowl. If you’ve had bleeding from your rectum, our GI physicians at Arizona Digestive Health can help. Our physicians can detect the concern and work to resolve it. Please get in touch with our GI facility in Arizona today.

Rectal bleeding may occur as a result of a number of health issues. If you’ve experienced rectal bleeding and are unaware of the reason, it is important that you arrange to see a gastrointestinal specialist. A few common causes of anal bleeding could be:

  • Diverticular disease (a bulging pouch occurring on the intestine wall)

  • Hemorrhoids

  • An anal fissure (a little tear in the tissue lining of the rectum)

  • Tarry stools

  • Intestinal growths

  • Trouble having a bowel movement

Our staff frequently helps patients who have rectal bleeding in Arizona, and will work to appropriately uncover what is causing the condition. We recognize how unpleasant this condition can make you feel, so we will do all we can to make sure we figure out the issue as promptly as possible.

Bleeding from the rectum is approached in stages according to the situation. If you have blood loss due to problems such as an anal fissure or hemorrhoids, you could be provided with drugstore ointments or suppositories. In the event of more heavy rectal bleeding, it is possible that you might need intravenous liquids or donated blood for excessive loss of blood. Regardless, it is vital to book an appointment at Arizona Digestive Health so that you can receive the best answer to ease your problem.

Find a treatment for anal bleeding and schedule an appointment at our Arizona practice today. Our knowledgeable staff of GI physicians will suggest the treatment required in order to solve your gastrointestinal issue. Call Arizona Digestive Health now to learn more.

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