When Should You See a Doctor for Hemorrhoids?


Based on consultations with patients at Arizona Digestive Health, it's clear that hemorrhoids are a recurrent concern. This term refers to inflamed veins in the anus or the rectum's lower part. Hemorrhoids can create symptoms like itching, pain, and sometimes bleeding and can evolve into critical health challenges if left unchecked. Thus, it's crucial to recognize their early signs and get expert medical intervention.

Arizona Digestive Health, at the forefront of gastrointestinal health, is committed to raising awareness about hemorrhoids and facilitating top-notch care. Dive deeper with our GI doctors from across the Phoenix, AZ area as they shed light on hemorrhoids and their treatment.

How can one differentiate between hemorrhoid types?

Gaining clarity about a health concern aids in better management. Hemorrhoids predominantly fall into two categories:

• External hemorrhoids are located around the anus's skin and known for their painful nature.

• Internal hemorrhoids are situated within the rectum. They are less painful but can cause bleeding.

Identifying the kind of hemorrhoid you're dealing with can expedite the path to proper medical treatment.

Is it possible for hemorrhoids to disappear on their own?

One pervasive concern among patients is the self-healing capacity of hemorrhoids. While a few mild instances might recede on their own, getting expert insights on their management is usually beneficial. Engaging with a GI specialist ensures an accurate assessment and suitable treatment recommendation.

How do you determine the need to consult a doctor for hemorrhoids?

Persistent symptoms like discomfort or rectal bleeding are strong indicators of hemorrhoids. Such signs should prompt immediate evaluation by a specialist in gastroenterology. Hemorrhoid treatments are tailored based on the type and intensity.

To mitigate the symptoms of external hemorrhoids, our Arizona Digestive Health specialists might suggest:

• A fiber-rich dietary regimen

• Warm baths

• Topical ointments and creams

• Procedures like hemorrhoid banding

• Surgery if the situation demands

Conversely, internal hemorrhoids might need minimal intervention, with an emphasis on increasing dietary fiber. Extreme cases might require surgical remedies.

We pride ourselves on curating personalized treatment blueprints aligning with individual needs. Timely initiatives can curtail potential hemorrhoid-associated risks and uplift your comfort level.

Hemorrhoid concerns? Find expert solutions in Arizona

Relying on the spontaneous healing of hemorrhoids might not be the best strategy, and swift medical guidance can boost your overall health trajectory. If you're experiencing signs of hemorrhoids, don't hesitate to touch base with an Arizona Digestive Health center in your area. Securing a diagnosis from our GI specialists ensures you're on the right treatment path. Initiate a dialogue with our dedicated team for an in-depth hemorrhoid treatment consultation at a Phoenix, AZ area location near you.

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