Arizona Digestive Health History

The future of our patients' success is grounded in our history

Focused on always improving patient outcomes, we at Arizona Digestive Health (ADH), founded the practice to elevate gastroenterology care in the state of Arizona. Formed in 2007, we brought together the talents and abilities of some of the most respected names in the Arizona gastroenterology community and together the providers and staff have greatly impacted the patients in our communities. Starting with 26 locations across the Phoenix area, and now we have close to 40 clinics to serve our patients. We are also affiliated with over two dozen endoscopy centers and hospitals.

As the premier gastroenterology practice in Arizona, we have had many leaders in gastroenterology join us including the providers at East Valley Gastroenterology, who joined us in 2021.

Core to our beliefs in how we run our practice are the principles of being Patient First, Quality Centric, and being led by our Physicians. Under those guiding tenets, we are currently engaged in several initiatives including:

  • The ongoing implementation of a system-wide standard electronic medical record
  • Measurement of internal quality controls
  • Governance and adherence to professional society practice guidelines, including the American Cancer Society, the American College of Gastroenterology, and the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

We are also very proud of the feedback we get from our patients as they consistently rate us the best group of gastroenterologists in the state. Our current patient rating is 4.6-Stars.

Our great reviews from our patients are related to the high level of quality measures we have put in place and monitor continually. Our providers are the most respected names in the Arizona gastroenterology community with decades of experience providing quality, expert care to our patients in the fields of gastroenterology and hepatology. Over 150,000 patients trust our providers with their digestive health annually and that experience and knowledge make our team one of the best in the field.

We perform over 85,000 procedures annually and nearly 50,000 of those are colonoscopies. While the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE) recommends a physician perform at least 100 colonoscopies annually, every ADH physician performs at least 200 colonoscopies each year, with some providers completing more than 1,000.

To further enhance the great work our providers do locally in Arizona, we joined GI Alliance, the leading gastroenterology practice in the US in 2019. By doing this, our patients now have access to the most advanced treatment protocols, research, and network of gastroenterology experts available in a single practice. We leverage the learnings gathered from across the country to ensure our patients’ outcomes are the best that can be expected. We are proud of the results our patients have seen thus far and are excited for our future as we continue to positively evolve the care related to gastroenterology in Arizona.