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Although jaundice is most often seen in newborns, it can occur in adults as well. This condition causes the whites of the eyes and skin to develop into a shade of yellow. This is due to elevated levels of bilirubin, a yellowish pigment in the liver. Jaundice does not often warrant treatment. However, it’s important to talk to a skilled GI provider at an Arizona Digestive Health location if you begin to notice your skin or eyes showing a yellow shade because the underlying cause could need to be treated. To hear additional info about treating jaundice in Arizona, contact one of our locations to request a consultation today

Jaundice is often discovered accidentally — in fact, most of the time, there are no signs or symptoms. Even so, certain patients can show symptoms based on the root cause of jaundice. During your visit to one of our Arizona Digestive Health locations, if you experience issues like chills, fever, stomach pain, yellow-colored skin, dark-colored urine, clay-colored bowel movements, or flu-like symptoms, you could be dealing with jaundice resulting from an infection.

However, if your jaundice is not caused by any infection, it's possible to experience an unintentional drop in body weight or skin that itches. If your jaundice is being caused by cancer, the most common symptom is abdominal pain.

Jaundice is often discovered by accident when treating different conditions or symptoms. Jaundice could be detected by checking for signs of liver disease. Symptoms of this can encompass:

  • Visible blood vessels
  • Palmar erythema (red color on the palms and fingertips)
  • Bruises on the skin

Urinalysis and blood tests could also show bilirubin amounts. After it's been detected, our team can begin to target the underlying cause of jaundice. Because jaundice doesn't ordinarily need treatment, our staff will aim to treat the issues connected to it. Several of the issues we treat include:

  • Fewer than normal bowel movements
  • Throwing up
  • Bloating
  • Pain in the stomach or upset stomach
  • Loose, watery stools
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If you have noticed a yellowish hue to your eyes or skin, you’ve experienced stomach pain, constipation or diarrhea, a bloated belly, or vomiting, this may be a sign of jaundice. Though jaundice by itself normally doesn’t require treatment, the underlying source of the problem still might — such as gallstones, bladder or liver inflammation, long-term hepatitis, and even cancer. Our skilled GI providers at your nearest Arizona Digestive Health location specialize in treating jaundice, as well as a number of other liver-related problems related to it. To learn more about how to address and limit the risk of jaundice, connect with one of our Arizona locations to request a consultation.

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