What Is FibroScan® and How Does It Help?


In years past, the sole way to determine the state of your liver was by a surgical liver biopsy. As a result of new advancements in the field, doctors can more easily test the condition of a patient’s liver thanks to a nonsurgical ultrasound procedure called FibroScan. At Arizona Digestive Health, our team of GI specialists performs this swift and advantageous examination to assess liver health, as well as help you maintain your total health. To get more information about FibroScan testing and how it could help gauge your overall liver health, reach out to one of our Phoenix, AZ area locations.

What is FibroScan?

FibroScan is a liver elastography that relies on ultrasound technology to determine liver damage in a patient’s body. This clear test can discover scarring in the liver and liver stiffness. Liver scarring, or liver fibrosis, results from heavy alcohol consumption, a high-fat diet, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and other factors. Fibrosis can lead to cirrhosis or severe damage and scarring of a person’s liver. The late stages of cirrhosis will often cause extreme tiredness, a decline in weight, yellowing of the skin and eyes, known as jaundice, cancer of the liver, and, lastly, liver failure.

Where a biopsy of the liver would require sedation, an invasive procedure, and several hours of your time, the FibroScan test can often be done within about ten minutes. The procedure involves basically no discomfort or pain, and you will be able to resume your normal, everyday schedule right afterward.

Why is FibroScan important?

Because of the results associated with damage to the liver, it is crucial that you take the health of your liver seriously. That is where the FibroScan test comes in. After finishing a FibroScan, our Phoenix, AZ area GI specialists can utilize the findings to establish and monitor a variety of liver issues, including:

Additionally, we will appraise how (and if) liver damage has escalated. This allows us to construct a plan of action just for you.

How long will it take to get FibroScan results?

A secondary perk of FibroScan is your results are available within a day or two. Your liver biopsy results might take around two weeks, however. Due to FibroScan, you’ll receive your results sooner, which could allow you to start your treatment plan straight away.

After your results are ready, our team of gastroenterologists will get in touch with you and schedule a meeting to discuss the FibroScan test results. Our providers will help you better comprehend your exam results and what they mean for your liver and your overall health.

Will I be able to address less than ideal FibroScan results?

If the FibroScan test results imply damage in your liver, there are certain choices you can make to reverse the existing liver damage or avert the risk of any new damage. Some simple steps you can take as a way to improve the health of your liver could include:

  • Lose weight as suggested by your doctor
  • Minimize alcohol consumption
  • Begin a diet that is high in fiber and low in fat
  • Move your body each day
  • Work with your doctors to change your medications as needed

Request a FibroScan in the Phoenix, AZ area today

An effective way to defend against medical issues such as these is by taking control of your general health. By having informative, virtually painless exams such as the FibroScan, you can quickly get to know your liver health and make needed changes before further damage takes place. At Arizona Digestive Health, our team of providers happily utilizes this innovative liver biopsy alternative. Reach out to our Phoenix, AZ location in your area to start your health journey.

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