Join Us March 1st for Dress in Blue Day Event


PHOENIX (February 25, 2013) – Join us this Friday, March 1st, for a Colon Cancer Awareness Month Health Fair as part of National Dress Blue Day to promote colon cancer awareness and celebrate the courage of those affected by this disease. Hosted by the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), the health fair is one of many events held across the country in recognition of Dress in Blue Day. Blue is the nationally recognized color for colon cancer awareness and the Colon Cancer Alliance created Dress in Blue Day in 2009 to raise awareness about this preventable cancer and promote colorectal cancer screening. The health fair will be held from 11:30 am – 1:00 pm outside ADHS headquarters in Downtown Phoenix (150 N 18th Ave). Over 200 people are expected to enjoy live music, guest speakers including ADHS Director Will Humble and Arizona Digestive Health Physician Dr. Michael Mills, and Nolan the giant, inflatable Colon. Provided by the Arizona Chapter of the Colon Cancer Alliance, Nolan the Colon stands more than 20’ long and 12’ high, and is a fun and informative way to raise awareness of colon cancer. Inside Nolan are educational and interactive features that show guests first-hand how a healthy colon can change over time, starting with the growth of pre-cancerous polyps through the development of colorectal cancer. The event will also feature representatives from Arizona Digestive Health, Colon Cancer Alliance and ADHS’s Fit at Fifty Healthcheck Program. Please join us as we raise awareness for this preventable cancer. For more information, contact Ian Rogers at 602.264.9100 x316, [email protected].