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Feeding tube insertion, also called percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG), is a procedure in which a hose is positioned with a direct line to the stomach. The tube makes it possible for fluids, nutrition, and medication to enter straight into the stomach without passing through the mouth or esophagus. This procedure might be particularly helpful if a person has trouble with swallowing or other issues with consuming proper nutritional fulfillment orally. If you or a loved one has supplemental inquiries relating to PEG in Phoenix, AZ, it is best to reach out to an experienced GI specialist. Please request a consultation at Arizona Digestive Health to learn more about this treatment option.

PEG, or feeding tube insertion, is often recommended for people who are unable to take in a sufficient amount of nutrients through regular eating and drinking, such as individuals who have a hard time swallowing. Many patients may only require a feeding tube for a short time, while a percentage of patients will need one for the remainder of their lives. The length of dependence on a feeding tube depends on the underlying factor for the condition. The tube will necessitate regular replacement to avoid deterioration or clogging. You may or may not be permitted to consume food or drinks orally, depending on why the feeding tube insertion procedure was done in the first place. If the tube is recommended due to difficulty swallowing — as can be the case following a stroke — then you will likely have restrictions on your oral intake. Some individuals requiring a feeding tube continue to be allowed to drink or eat after the insertion. It is imperative to discuss this in tandem with your Arizona Digestive Health GI provider.

PEG is a fairly routine process; however, as is the case with any medical procedure, it may come with a few risks. A few of the potential risks of feeding tube insertion are bleeding, pain near the tube insertion site, and displacement of the feeding tube. Talk with your physician in regard to any concerns you may have or health factors that may raise your risk of complications. It is vital to talk through all of the benefits as well as risks of this treatment with your Phoenix, AZ gastroenterology provider prior to the insertion of the feeding tube.

Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy is useful in helping patients get the nutrition they need when eating or drinking is not possible. If you or a loved one needs a feeding tube, the compassionate providers at Arizona Digestive Health can answer your questions in a consultation. Since coming together in 2007, Arizona Digestive Health has aimed to provide patient-focused care that goes beyond what you expect. Consult with one of our skilled gastroenterologists if you find yourself with any questions about feeding tube insertion in Phoenix, AZ or any other method for caring for people with GI tract concerns.

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1st time visit was pleasant! Doctor was very attentive and showed concern for my visit. Ask me important questions. I also was contacted fairly fast from facility for an MRI, that was ordered by Dr. Randolph’s office, that impressed me. I will be going for that procedure early next week!

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Dr Walker is highly recommended. If you want a gastroenterologist with great qualifications, great staff, who listens carefully to your concerns, does not rush the appointment, asks detailed questions, this is your doc. I can't say enough good things about him. Many of my family members go to him as well and are very pleased.

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Dr. Yanish is tops in his field. I have never had a doctor explain things to me as well as he did! He really takes his time and actually examined my abdomen... He reviewed and explained all of my CT scans.

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Dr Drewitz and staff are very efficient and kind. My visit was completed in a timely manner. Dr Drewitz was very thorough and explained medical issues in a way that any lay person would understand. I was treated by him and staff with dignity and respect

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They were awesome! They truly care about their patients. I felt very relaxed. Thank you!

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