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Hemochromatosis is a condition where excess iron builds up in the body, causing possible damage to essential organs like the liver, heart, and pancreas. The most common type of hemochromatosis is hereditary, meaning it is passed from parent to child through genes. Secondary hemochromatosis can be caused by excessive comsumption of iron or by receiving multiple blood transfusions. When left untreated, hemochromatosis can cause some very serious complications including cirrhosis in the liver, damage to the pancreas which can also lead to diabetes, arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms), and congestive heart failure. To obtain a diagnosis or learn how to manage your condition, contact the providers at Arizona Digestive Health. Our gastroenterologists in Phoenix, AZ can assist in treating and managing hemochromatosis.

Not everyone with hemochromatosis will develop symptoms. Persons with hereditary hemochromatosis may not exhibit symptoms until they reach middle age. When symptoms do present, they typically will be:

  • Joint pain
  • Abdominal pain
  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Irregular heart rate
  • Unexplained weight loss

Should you be experiencing any of the above symptoms, you should be evaluated by a provider at Arizona Digestive Health. Our gastroenterologists in Phoenix, AZ can help diagnose and address hemochromatosis to help avoid complications.

Hemochromatosis treatment involves reducing the amount of iron in your body. This is typically accomplished by means of:

  • Dietary changes: You may be advised to reduce iron consumption.
  • Iron chelation therapy: Certain medications taken orally or by injection can remove excess iron from the body.
  • Phlebotomy: Regular blood withdrawal that removes excess iron.

Patients who require treatment for hemochromatosis can discuss their options with a gastroenterologist through Arizona Digestive Health. Contact our location in Phoenix, AZ to request a consultation to help treat your specific condition with an option that matches your lifestyle.

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Hemochromatosis can potentially cause life-threatening complications like cirrhosis of the liver, pancreatic damage, and congestive heart failure. The good news is that hemochromatosis is manageable with early diagnosis and consistent treatment. If hemochromatosis runs in your family or if you are concerned you may have developed secondary hemochromatosis from excess iron consumption or multiple blood transfusions, then contact our providers at Arizona Digestive Health right away. Our gastroenterologists provide care for hemochromatosis in Phoenix, AZ.

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