Patient Reviews

Our team of compassionate, board-certified gastroenterologists strives to ensure every patient receives cutting-edge treatments using the latest in research and technology, so that all patients can have a positive experience that leaves them with better digestive health. We invite you to see what other patients are saying in order to get a better idea of what it may be like to receive care at our facility. All of our client feedback is taken to heart so that we can continue crafting positive outcomes for future persons requiring our assistance. When you have made an informed decision, please contact our location in Phoenix, AZ to request your consultation for GI treatment.

5.0 Review from M.H. Source: Google May 11 2023

"I have been taking my special needs son to Dr. Umar for a year and a half now. We have a family history of colon cancer so my son needed a colonoscopy at only 20 years old and Dr. Umar agreed and made it happen with insurance coverage. Then my son started having GI problems a year later likely due to EDS and Dr. Umar's MA got him in quickly specifically to Dr. Umar. He is all about patient comfort and what is realistic for the patient, down to earth, no ego (but is phenomenal), genuinely cares, no long waits, explains everything. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone!"

5.0 Review from J.V. Source: Google Apr 25 2023

"It’s truly my 1st experience ever, as long as you follow the steps , pay close attention to what you’re supposed to do , YOU CAN insure a safe and speedy colonoscopy , with it being my 1st, Dr.V was very warm and compassionate, introduced himself as the chief physician who will be performing the procedure, explained everything clearly and his staff so gentle, walked me through the process completely, Afterwards, , Dr.V came to check on me post-op asked if I had any questions and just a nice human being over all. Granted , I was very scared out of my mind , not knowing what to expect; absolutely terrified , although colon cancer doesn’t run in our family… but there is always a first. I am glad to say , I don’t have to come back in another 10 yrs, but they encouraged me to take healthy steps for the next go around. And to think , when I was little , I thought Diverticulosis was a form of swimming style , I was 9yrs old at the time ,don’t judge me - lol Indeed made Dr. V laugh, Rest assured you will be in the best of hands coming here 🙏🏽 Cheers to Dr. V and to incorporating a high fiber diet"

5.0 Review from M.E. Source: Google Dec 25 2022

"I’ve been a patient for years. He, and his team, discovered my colon cancer early enough (stage one) such that I had it removed in time, without the need for chemo; so far, I’ve been cancer free. As long as he’s in practice, I’ll be going there for everything GI."

5.0 Review from Z.K. Source: Google Nov 25 2022

"I have been visiting Dr. Kothur for over 2 years since I was diagnosed with colon cancer. He communicates clearly and clearly is an expert in his area of medicine. I can recommend Dr. Kothur without reservation."

5.0 Review from K.C. Source: Google Oct 25 2022

"Dr. Faybush saved my husband’s life when she recognized his aggressive and quickly growing stage 4 colon cancer tumor. I am forever in her debt for her expeditious, professional response. In addition, she has a great sense of humor and a down to earth manner which helps patients and families cope with such a traumatic diagnosis."

5.0 Review from L.S. Source: Google May 25 2022

"I absolutely LOVED this Doctor. He was so nice and polite. He told me that he was going to take good care of me. I really needed that as I have had colon cancer in the past. His staff was professional and nice as well. I have complete confidence in Dr. Umar"

5.0 Review from M.L. Source: Google May 25 2022

"Honan and Suzie are the best!! Honan reassures me... completely professional and kind with a medical plan in place I’m willing to follow... not the easiest patient..... I am a nurse and I saw the way he treated patients and cared for them... So I asked him to be my GI doctor as I thought I was dying from colon cancer... I have ulcerative colitis... dr Honan is the best the best!!!! dr honan saved my life.... twice!!!! MERCI!"

5.0 Review from K.G. Source: Google May 25 2022

"I’ve been going to Dr. Stein for over 15 years, maybe 20. He is a great Doctor. Very caring and takes the time to listen. He diagnosed my Mother with Colon Cancer and was so calm & caring. Immediately referred us to an oncologist & Surgeon. I have been in the hospital many times ( for other reasons) and have asked for consult with him and he does his own visits and responded right away. I would not hesitate to use him."

5.0 Review from K.E. Source: Google May 25 2022

"I’ve been a patient of Dr Meline for 17 years. He was recommended by my gynecologist who said “I wouldn’t trust my butt to any other doctor”. A recommendation doesn’t get any better than that. Dr Meline is very patient and professional. One of his major goals is to prevent cancer so he is extremely thorough when performing his procedures. I believe that Dr Meline - through my regular screenings - will help significantly reduce my chances of developing colon cancer. His office staff, nurses and anesthesiologists are very kind and considerate. His endoscopy center is first rate. I can also honestly say that “I wouldn’t trust my butt to any other doctor”."

4.0 Review from H.C. Source: Google May 25 2022

"As colonoscopies go, and me being high risk for colon cancer at a young age, I have sever anxiety. I want to know that my doctor is caring and most importantly competent. I admit I had concerns about Dr. Volcano's age (he looks sooo young) but he is both caring and competent in his field and I would recommend him to anyone in need of a good gastroenterologist."

5.0 Review from D.G. Source: Google May 25 2021

"Great experience! This is my second time seeing Dr. Gregory Nguyenduc for a colonoscopy. I have a family history of colon cancer and go in every 3-5 years. Dr. Nguyenduc always listens and answers my questions. He and his staff are warm and professional. This is a big deal to me as it's uncomfortable to go in for this exam! I was called before the procedure and also after to follow up on how I was doing the next day. The doctor always goes over everything before and after the procedure to be sure my questions are answered. He also gave a detailed report after, to my husband. Highly recommend!"

5.0 Review from F.M. Source: Google May 25 2021

"I honestly can't say enough good things about EVG. I have seen them for over 15 years now and each time they have shown nothing but total care and concern for my well-being. Having colon cancer in my immediate family I have to get a colonoscopy every 5 years. I started early and just did my 3rd one with EVG. Everyone from the front office, Lyn my NP, the doctor who did my previous 2 colonoscopies and Dr. Burgess who just did my most recent everyone was truly amazing. And at the facility where they perform the colonoscopies they are just as wonderful. Everyone there made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. So I wouldn't hesitate to recommend EVG to anyone who needs to see a gastroenterologist for any reason."

5.0 Review from P.C. Source: Google May 25 2021

"Dr. Meline and his staff are professional and efficient. They are friendly and keep you informed during the entire process and make the experience as comfortable as possible. I would recommend Dr. Meline and encourage everyone to get tested for colon cancer once they reach 45."

5.0 Review from J.B. Source: Google May 25 2020

"A colonoscopy is not a pleasant thing to do, but it is necessary, especially since my mother died of colon cancer. I have to say, Dr Meline in Scottsdale brought humor and comfort (yes comfort) to the procedure. The front office was friendly and helpful. It was the easiest, most painless one I’ve ever had. That was unexpected! By the way, clean bill if health!"