Patient Reviews

Our team of compassionate, board-certified gastroenterologists strives to ensure every patient receives cutting-edge treatments using the latest in research and technology, so that all patients can have a positive experience that leaves them with better digestive health. We invite you to see what other patients are saying in order to get a better idea of what it may be like to receive care at our facility. All of our client feedback is taken to heart so that we can continue crafting positive outcomes for future persons requiring our assistance. When you have made an informed decision, please contact our location in Phoenix, AZ to request your consultation for GI treatment.

5.0 Review from A.W. Source: Google Jun 26 2023

"Best around! He has been the ONLY doctor to help manage my gastroparesis. I met him at my lowest and he has helped me to be at my highest. Eternally grateful for that man."

5.0 Review from P.S. Source: Google Jan 25 2023

"I had gone to see Dr. Stein in 2013. While I didn't see him on my last visit, the gentleman who got all my information and the woman, who scheduled me for my January 2023 appointment were both wonderfully professional. They answered all my questions in a simple and easy-to-understand explanation. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Dr. Stein in a week!"

5.0 Review from L. Source: Google Nov 25 2022

"I have had an excellent experience with Dr MacCollum."

5.0 Review from I.L. Source: Google Nov 25 2022

"I was very impressed with Dr. Walker. He is very friendly , yet very professional. He spent more time with me than I have ever had a doctor do on the first visit. I would highly recommend Dr. Walker to anyone who needs a good gasterologist. The facility is very nice also. Thank you, Dr. Walker"

5.0 Review from S. Source: Google Sep 25 2022

"Dr David initially questioned why I was seeing a second GI in two years; this is understandable. However, after reviewing various prior GI studies he recognized the need for a more thorough examination given my existing symptoms. He was straightforward and communicated clearly the initial imaging required, a treatment plan for some immediate relief and a follow up appointment plan. I have a follow up with his NP/Nutritionist for imaging results and a further treatment plan. I find his approach to be honest, efficient, and professional."

5.0 Review from T.M. Source: Google Sep 25 2022

"Professional and extremely helpful. Took the time to listen and explain"

5.0 Review from K.C. Source: Google Jul 25 2022

"Literally just finished my procedure with Dr. Seetharam, and could not be more pleased with the whole process. Being a resident of Prescott, resources and physicians are limited, so we reached out to his office. Gianna could not be more accommodating to schedule me in a timely manner, followed by my teleconference with Dr. S. I was 100% confident in him and his care. Overall experience was OUTSTANDING."

5.0 Review from R.L. Source: Google May 25 2022

"Barbara MacMollum and her office staff are the best. Unless she retires before I die, she will always be my GI Doc. She cares! I just think the world of her. I highly recommend her."

5.0 Review from M.O. Source: Google May 25 2022

"P.A . Danielle Carrillo was very thorough and finally diagnosed my illness. She also helped me out with some medication samples until my insurance approved the recommended medication. She fought for me and I truly appreciate her and the staff. I am so grateful to be feeling so much better. Thank you for everything!"

5.0 Review from C.R. Source: Google May 25 2021

"I googled "GI near me" and Arizona Digestive was the first to pop up, I was so unsure about making a GI appointment but the staff was so nice when I called and easy to get ahold of. Dr. Hauptman was great, very nice doctor and asked good questions. I wasn't too sure about my symptoms but he still took care of me instead of just blowing off why I had made my appointment in the first place. Definitely would recommend this office and staff!"

5.0 Review from C.R. Source: Google May 25 2019

"I have been seeing Dr. Grade for over 5 years. I credit him with saving my life. I feel the review regarding calling for “2nd Opinion” as unfair and has nothing to do with Dr. Grade himself. He is part of a group, Arizona Digestive. Whomever answered the phone does not even work in the office where Grade resides. Perhaps they needed a referral? With that said, I gladly drive all the way to Queen Creek to see Grade. This review is about DR. GRADE. When he first started treating me, I had rapidly lost 40 lbs in one year, 50 total, with no effort. I was terrified. Dr. Grade approaches his patients as a “whole entity”, not just with his specialty in mind. He was Uber responsible; sending me to an oncologist, getting me into Mayo for specialized tests, ordering all the right tests, all the while LISTENING and believing me that I felt I had an autoimmune disease, not just Gastroparesis. Because of him, his willingness to support non-FDA approaches (Botox treatments on my stomach, writing a prescription for Motilium which I get overseas and HELPS my stomach to digest, getting me neuro, colonic, pelvic floor function tests, making sure I have a cardiologist, etc) he has literally “saved” me. I have my diagnoses, treatments, and can live with some quality of life. He CARES. And because of him,we have connected many dots as to what is going on with my body as a whole, and I ended up with Dysautonomia as well (which I would have never known had he not gotten me into Mayo for tests)—huge connection with Dysautonomia & gastro paralysis!! most doctors wouldn’t listen or work that hard to get answers. I’ve been able to avoid a feeding tube, and gain weight. Dr. Grade is, without hesitation the best doctor I have ever encountered. And that is saying a lot coming from someone who worked in the medical field with MANY doctors (me). He treats the patient, not just the symptom. He has been voted one of the best gastroenterologists in the COUNTRY. And, he deserves it. I’m LUCKY."