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Fecal impaction, also called a bowel obstruction, is an issue that arises when hardened stool hinders movement in the small or large intestine. If you’ve realized that you can’t have a bowel movement or let out gas, and this is accompanied by stomach discomfort and bloating, you may have a bowel obstruction. If you think you are experiencing a bowel obstruction, it is essential to seek treatment from a GI provider to defend your well-being. At Arizona Digestive Health, our experienced specialists often treat patients who have an impacted bowel. To get additional details on this concern or to find impacted bowel care in Phoenix, AZ, don't hesitate to contact one of our locations now.

The most common symptoms of an impacted bowel are often abdominal pain and bloating. They may also be accompanied by others, such as:

  • Feeling full or having no appetite
  • Bloating
  • Severe discomfort or pain in the stomach
  • Feeling nauseated or vomiting
  • Watery stools leaking from the rectum
  • Unexpected weight loss
  • Feeling like you need to push
  • Having a headache

When you notice some of the indicators listed above, reach out to a GI specialist at Arizona Digestive Health to receive prompt treatment for your obstructed bowel.

A bowel obstruction could either be a partial or complete obstruction. If you’re not able to manage the obstruction on your own with constipation relievers or over-the-counter medications, it is essential that you arrange to be seen by a GI provider as soon as possible. If left untreated, an obstructed bowel may result in a more severe condition.

Care for a blocked bowel may differ from person to person. Upon pinpointing the source of the intestinal blockage, the treatment can vary from manual removal to an enema (colon cleansing). After treatment, you may want to seek preventative measures to avoid a future obstruction. This process could involve getting an adequate fiber and water intake and working out frequently to aid in digesting your food.

Treatment for an impacted bowel by our skilled Phoenix, AZ GI providers is simply a visit away. Our staff can lead you toward the best care.

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To get treatment for a blocked bowel in Phoenix, AZ, we invite you to contact one of our Arizona Digestive Health locations. Our team can offer the treatment you need to continue your everyday routine. Our expert specialists will help you get the treatment necessary so that your intestinal obstruction won't result in a larger, more serious concern.

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